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The Paranormal Hall of Fame is a factual / merit based system with strict qualifications for all inductees in a variety of genres and categories.

(This is not a local paranormal awards system.) It is being run and presented like other Pro Hall of Fame Organizations.

There is no voting when it comes to factual / merit because factual merit means exactly what it states, the facts. Our researcher / vetting look at the factual merit of the individual, invention, contribution along with documented proof much like forming a Wikipedia page. Historical factual / merit dose not mean a TV show one has participated on per-say. It means what have you actually done or invented that no one else has or an adaptation to,  that furthers the field of the paranormal. 


If any qualifying inductee of The Paranormal Hall of Fame is proven to have harassed, sexually or for their sexual  connotation , bullying, racism, violations of human rights, or egregious behavior towards anyone.  That individual will be banned from the Paranormal Hall of Fame. Your statements on social media count.

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Hello and welcome to the Paranormal Hall of Fame. This organization was formed to give thanks and credit due to people in the paranormal industry, in all genres of the paranormal, both past and present.